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24 APRIL 2024


Study tour 1
Historic port of Naples

The study tour proposed by CNR IRISS aims to facilitate the understanding of the interaction mechanisms between the Port of Naples, its historical heritage, and future urban perspectives, focusing on the challenges and opportunities offered by a reinterpretation of these aspects from an ecosystemic standpoint.
In this regard, the first part of the tour will focus on a comprehensive presentation of the historical, infrastructural and urban context of the Port of Naples and will conclude with the presentation of urban projects and planning strategies.


Study tour 2
Naples Historical centre (free)

1. Santa Maria la Nova 
2. Palazzo delle Poste
3. Palazzo Gravina 
4. Piazza del Gesú (if the church is open)
5. Santa Chiara (if the church is open)
6. Piazza San Domenico Maggiore
7. San Gregorio Armeno
8. Via dei Tribunali
9. Port Alba

proposed by Fabio Mangone and Carolina Coppola,

DiARC University Federico II of Naples


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